Indexer disabled for this configuration

I install sandbox using this cmd:
…/sandbox/sandbox up testnet -v
in logs also notice:
Indexer version
Indexer disabled for this configuration
while running my project it showed same error:
algosdk.error.IndexerHTTPError: Indexer disabled for this configuration.

How can I enable my Indexer ??

Sandbox is not really meant to provide an indexer of TestNet.

It is meant to create a quick node for development:

  • either a fresh private network with an indexer (which is very convenient for most cases)
  • or a quick non-archival node for TestNet without indexer

If you want a TestNet indexer, you will need to run an archival TestNet node as well as an indexer. It will take around a week to catchup.

Instructions are there:

Note that there are free TestNet indexer available: Ecosystem Tools & Projects | Algorand Developer Portal