Scanning the payment details

Hi, is there some option for offical algorand wallet to scan whole transaction?

To fill in automatically the amount, the address and note?

Somthing similar to this? EPC QR Code Generator | QR Code Generator

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This functionality currently exists in the Algorand Wallet. You can scan a transaction and it will prepopulate amount, recipient, etc. (The only thing it doesn’t prefill is the notefield, but we’re updating that in the next release).

We’re also working on documentation which we’ll be posting on the dev portal as well as

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Nice to hear that… Can you give me example of raw data for qr code?

Imagine the use case that you are on the web site and perhaps you buy something or web asks for micropayment e.g. 1 algo to open some data… If user could just scan the qr from website and send payment with matching number in the note, there would be a lot of people wanting this…

Any timeframe when the next algowallet release will be released?