Straight-up Seeking Trainer/Tutor per Zoom/Jitsi

Hi, looking to employ an expert to help us get over our technical deficiencies so we can start serving our waiting clientele per Smart Contracts/ADAs/NFTs.

I have made several attempts to meet with success following the instructions per Developer docs and have yet to do so. The problems that arise seem to be basic Linux Admin stuff, but that is juice we aint got.

The problem is that the technical guidance offered is (reasonably) geared towards the technically proficient and things like Python are a world apart from our usual level of interaction. We are client-based rather than being programmers/developers, but also familiar with IT Tier 1-2 services, web design (per code) and general computerosity. In other words, we will grab the concepts and practices quickly, but are losing precious time running into stumbling blocks we can not easily resolve (without taking courses in Linux admin, Python programming etc or asking questions for answers we dont understand, every step of the way).

We are 100% the Algorand train and will base our services on same. I have been at this for weeks without any significant progress, need a hand to get aboard the train.

Thank you!

Ping per my earnest plea.

Welcome to Algorand!

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Hi @fabrice … your link says


It’s strange. The link is:
Can you try again?
Is it possible you joined in the past and got banned from Discord?
Can you create a new account with a new email address?

Does not allow me to log in there… can you share not invitation link but rather real link? Or create new invitation link?

Ok, works now… Thanks for the tip for checking the account… I had to confirm account by mobile in order to continue, and somehow this screen did not help… Accessing directly solved the issue and i was able to use this invitation link… Sorry for my mistake…