Task: Opt-In to ASAs

Task: Opt-In to ASAs

In this task, use goal or any of our SDKs, to opt-in to receive the Algorand Standard Asset called Algorand Developer Coins with Asset ID 3797.

Task instructions

  1. Issue an opt-in transaction for the asset id 3797 - AlgorandDeveloperCoins.

  2. Reply to this post with the public address that opted-in.

  3. Within a few days, we will send you 10 DevCoins on TestNet! Hang onto the coins. We may ask you to use them in future tasks.


  1. Review the Algorand Standard Assets documentation to learn more about how ASAs work in goal.

  2. Check out how to use Algorand Standard Assets in Go, Java, JavaScript, and Python.


An opt-in transaction is simply an Asset Transfer Transaction (TxType = axfer) with amount == 0 of the desired asset both from and to the account that wants to opt-in.

Why This Task Matters

To receive a particular Algorand Standard Asset, an account owner must issue a transaction to opt-in to that asset. This ensures protection against users sending you assets that may somehow negatively impact you.

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I have one query regarding opt-in:

Opt-in works for an asset-id from any specific account?

Or if someone has opt-in for an asset id from the originator account, can the opt-in account receive asset from any account?

Your account can opt-in to any asset on the Algorand blockchain assuming you know the asset ID and the asset is not frozen by default by the creator. Once you opt-in, anyone who owns the asset (and is not in a frozen state) can send you some of that asset.

So for example, after you opt-in to DevCoins, the others on this thread could send you some of theirs if they wanted to. It doesn’t just have to come from the creator.