Test Contracts offline

I’ve lately started learning to develop smart contracts with TEAL on the algorand blockchain and i really like it (mainly working with PyTeal currently) but i have noticed that the workflow for testing (especially unittesting) is very inconvenient. Publishing an app every time on the test net is very time-consuming and running a private network was also very difficult and cumbersome.

So my question is , is there some way to test teal (or even pyteal) contracts (maybe also unit tesing special parts of the code) without publishing an app on any network. I’m thinking of some framework that is interpreting the TEAL code and allows me simultaneously mocking things like the global, local state, addresses and co. This would seem as a very useful tool to me …

Hi @ManuelZ

You may consider exploring the Algorand Sandbox. Sandbox is a tool for developers that streamlines workflow for testing programs and applications.