How to test TEAL smart contract?

Having written a smart contract with teal.
How do I test the smart contract?

You can create transactions using it. See Your First Application - Algorand Developer Portal
See Writing a Simple Smart Contract | Algorand Developer Portal for a full example

Or you can debug it. See Smart Contract Debugging - Algorand Developer Portal and Using the TEAL Debugger to Debug a Smart Contract | Algorand Developer Portal

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You can also use Algo Builder which is a framework for creating and testing smart contracts. You can say it’s is similar to what Truffle is for Ethereum. We have a TAEL interpreter and runtime implementation which allows you to rapid unit tests and integration tests.

AFAIK we are the only solution for that.

For more see the following tutorial or our guide.
Algo Builder also provides a smooth integration with the TEAL debugger.


Just seeing this, thank you!