Any resources from algorand to properly learn TEAL?

Any resources from Algorand to properly learn TEAL smart contract? e.g tutorial videos.
And how can TEAL smart contracts be tested, If it has an IDE or perhaps a tool that can be used to test the smart contracts?
Likewise for PyTEAL

See How to test TEAL smart contract? - #2 by fabrice for some pointers.

In addition, I would highly recommend to first understand how Algorand works.
You can start there: Getting Started on Algorand | Algorand Developer Portal
or if you want a more hands-on tutorial: GitHub - algorandfoundation/buildweb3: Repository for the Algorand class of the "Building with Blockchain for Web 3.0" course (

Then I would recommend to read the documentation Smart Contract Overview - Algorand Developer Portal
If you are more hands-on, you may also look for a tutorial that does something you are interested in on

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