TestNet January 28 Release Update

If all goes well this weekend, we will be pushing the next big TestNet release this Monday, January 28, at 10am EST. Installations will happen at 10:30am.

We will send out another announcement around 8am Monday morning to give you a few hours of warning for a manual update in case you’ve got stake and are not running a cron job. If you have a genesis wallet and you want to give it back, please let us know, and delete your rootkey/partkey files from your datadir after we confirm.

There are many big changes in this release and we expect some hiccups, so please bear with us as we work through any rough edges that show up.

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We’re on track to push binaries for the next TestNet version by 10am for a 10:30am network upgrade. We’ve gone through a dry run testing the update and things are looking good.

We noticed one hiccup while testing where the node did not restart automatically, so if you are not running as a service please be aware that you may need to manually start the node after updating.