TestNet Upgrade to v2.0.0

Dear Algorand Community,

TestNet is now upgrading to v2.0.0 It’s important to note that during the upgrade, TestNet and MainNet will be out of sync for an anticipated multi-day period.

As a reminder of the normal roles of the networks, please refer to the following diagram.

Again, during the upgrade process, the networks will be out of sync due to the following mechanism of accepting the release:

  1. TestNet will be upgraded to version 2.0.0.
  2. Version 2.0.0 will be proposed to MainNet.
  3. Once MainNet nodes accepts the new version, TestNet will once again be aligned with MainNet.

To ensure your TestNet node is up to date, please ensure your node is upgraded. If you don’t have auto-update enabled for your TestNet node, please run the following command to update to 2.0.0:

./update.sh -i -c stable -d ~/node/data

To verify the update was successful, check that you are on version 2.0.0 by running

goal -v

The output of goal -v should look like

2.0.0.stable [rel/stable] ...
go-algorand is licensed with AGPLv3.0
source code available at https://github.com/algorand/go-algorand

As of block 3,218,822 TestNet has been upgraded to v2