TestNet v0.2.8 Releasing Today


Good morning We’re going to be releasing our first ‘lightweight’ update today – the first TestNet update that doesn’t include a new genesis version. We’ll release it for a 10:30 pickup, but it’s fully-compatible with the current version, so timing is not critical here. There may still be a hiccup if everyone installs it at the same time, but it’ll recover quickly after the nodes restart. Release notes will be sent out once it’s running.


Today’s update was so uneventful, I forgot to send out the Here’s What Changed list. Hooray for that! Anyway, here’s what changed:

* kmd support for the Ledger hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S) - does not support multisig yet
* Add timing telemetry for agreement events
* Add an algod.lock to data directory to protect against multiple algods using same datadir
* Added generation of builds and installation packages with and without telemetry/metrics (without is not currently available externally)
* Changed severity of some telemetry events to clean things up
* Add kmd/api/swagger.json endpoint; swagger.json now compiled into the binary
* Fixed regression causing more outgoing connections than intended
* Added Round detail to transaction pool telemetry
* Fixed regression in `goal logging send` - multi-dir support broke it
* More optimization and security fixes
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Could someone explain in detail for the following new feature:

“ Add kmd/api/swagger.json endpoint; swagger.json now compiled into the binary”

I updated the new node version and after restarting the KMD, I couldn’t see new api folder. Please guide me how to get the new kmd swagger rest api.


The swagger.json is compiled into the kmd binary - it is not a file on your filesystem.

It is accessible through the kmd REST API.

Assuming you’ve installed according to the guidance (binaries in ~/node and datadir in ~/node/data):

cd ~/node/data/kmd-v0.5

~/node/goal kmd start -d ~/node/data

curl -H “X-KMD-API-Token: (cat kmd.token)" "http://(cat kmd.net)/swagger.json”

~/node/goal kmd stop -d ~/node/data

Hope this helps.

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