Thank you, Fabrice

On behalf of the entire Algorand Developer Community, I wanted to say thank you to @fabrice. Fabrice is the real genius behind Algorand. He’s constantly making himself available to developers who run into bugs, challenges, and new problems building. It doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is, Fabrice is invariably and astoundingly able to provide the best solution. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been stuck building on Algorand; but every time I have, Fabrice always seemed to have the solution waiting.

Fabrice’s dedication to service and development on the Algorand network is unparalleled and his unrivaled performance is a keystone to future success for the network. It’s an amazing opportunity and great privilege to be able to interact with and learn from one of the generation’s great leaders in cryptography and open innovation. Thank you.


I agree. Many thanks, @fabrice !


Yes I 100% agree !
@fabrice rooocks ! He is always ready to help with great solutions !


100% agreed! Genius, humble and engaging @fabrice is! He guided me numerous times as well!


There is not enough gratitudes to @fabrice ! Definitely one of the most helpful person in the ecosystem.

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Eventhough I still think @fabrice should get a custom logo as a profile picture in the forum that green F always means something helpful in the threads. Thank you for that!