Tiny but vital typo in "Switching Networks"

A small typo spotted in https://developer.algorand.org/docs/switching-networks

line 4 should read
cp ~/node/genesisfiles/testnet/genesis.json ~/node/testnetdata

genesistestfiles not genesistestfile

Also when is the info for switching networks after a DEB or RPM install going to be available, please?


Great catch! Thanks for pointing this out. We should have an update on switching networks with RPM/DEB installs soon.

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Hi, Finally found some time to return to this.
Any update on switching networks for RPM/DEB installs?

I updated the text in the paragraph:
[Note that the genesis files are stored under /var/lib/algorand/genesis/ for DEB and RPM installs] These genesis files can be used to create a new data directory for the specific network. Assume you have installed your node in the ~/node directory and your data directory is ~/node/data . You can switch to TestNet using the following steps [If you are running a DEB/RPM install of the node, you can replace the genesis file in the current data directory which should be /var/lib/algorand ].

So just replace the genesis file with the one for the network you want to run.

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Nice one - thank you :slight_smile: