Top 10 Algorand tokens by Vestige

Which token is the best investment opportunity in your opinion?

Chips: Chips – Vestige

Defly: Defly Token – Vestige

Opulous: Opulous – Vestige

Coop coin: Coop Coin – Vestige

Vestige: Vestige – Vestige

Bank: BANK – Vestige

Vote Coin: Vote Coin – Vestige

Akita Inu: AKITA INU – Vestige

Yieldly: Yieldly – Vestige

Cosmic Gold: Cosmic Gold – Vestige

Im waiting on Napster. Im not too convinced of any of the ASAs at the moment. OPULOUS, Defly and maybe Cosmic Champs probably are your best bet at the moment. I wanna see projects that bring in revenue, not lure you in with high APY with highly inflationary tokenomics.

Need projects with some kind of product that can bring in revenue instead of relying on selling tokens.