Transferring USDCa to Coinbase

I want to send my USDCa that’s on the Algorand network on my Algorand Wallet mobile app to my Coinbase personal account. But, the Coinbase USDC receiver address is an ERC address starting with 0x.
Also, if I try to transfer my Algos that on my Algorand wallet to Coinbase via scanning the QR code, the apps says QR code is invalid.
Im confused what am I supposed to do here

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Open an account at other exchange that support USDCa as well as USDCe, and convert between them. I believe that Kucoin supports that, but there are others.


Like? I tried OKEX and they have disabled USDC Algorand network. Next, I tried OkCoin and when I try to deposit USDCa over there by scanning QR code the wallet says “The account has not added USDC”.

To receive USDCa / USDTa, you first need to “opt-in” to USDC / USDT on your Algorand Wallet.
To do that, you need to click on “Add new asset” below “Algos” and your account name on the main page.

Adding one asset cost a transaction fee (0.001 Algo) and requires you to keep at least 0.2 Algos at all time on your account (minimum balance).

No, that’s not what I am asking. I have USDC and Algos in my Algorand Wallet.
I want to deposit some of the USDC in my Algorand Wallet to any of the exchanges that support USDC on the Algorand network, in this case, OkCoin.

Now, when I try to deposit USDC (address like this TIPMF-------------------------------JO6EE) from my wallet to okcoin the ALgorand Wallet app says “Account does not accept this asset” “Unfortunately this account does not support this asset. Please ask the account holder to add USDC”

Maybe okcoin have a separate address for depositing algo and a separate one for depositing usdca ?

That is the address and network actually. It gives me two options. USDC EC20 and USDC ALGO.

It looks like there have been bugs in the past:

Please contact OKCoin directly to see what is happening.