TXN_Participation table in the indexer

Hi everyone

We are fairly new to the Algorand blockchain and started to work with the indexer and a Postgres database. However, we saw that there is the table txn_participation. After some internet research, we did not find much information about this table. We also checked whether the general transaction reference here says something about it, but we found nothing in there as well.

Looking at the name, we assume that it may have something to do with the participation in the consensus protocol.

Is this correct, or does this table represent something completely different?

Thanks in advance

From indexer/write_txn_participation.go at 11937cbb7c8ebf79b186dd91d7926c2738216ee2 · algorand/indexer · GitHub, my understanding is that it is a table that indicates all addresses that are “participating”/“appearing” in a transaction in a given round and transaction index.

This is not related to actual participation in consensus.

Ah, now I see it. Thank you for your answer.