Unable to send ALGO from Algowallet Ledger Nano X

When trying to send Algo from the wallet it asks preview and sign with nano x. my nano is connected and algo app is running however the message comes back as unable to connect to the ledger retry, I have deleted and installed the the Algo app on the Nano x multiple times and this still wont resolve it. The only updated version on the nano x is 1.0.7 is there another update to come on the ledger x? is this what is causing the issue. My algo is stuck I can succesfully receive but cant withdraw !

Can I ask which operating system you’re using? Have you been able to use it previously or is this the first time sending from it?

It may not be the solution if you can use the Ledger with other applications, but have you checked the Ledger support pages? Fix USB issues – Ledger Support

The suggestions from @nullun are excellent. This is likely a problem with generally connecting your Nano X to your phone. Are you able to connect your Nano X to your Ledger Live app?

The latest version of the Algorand Ledger Live app is 1.2.9.

I’d recommend using your phone’s bluetooth settings to “forget” the device and try to re-pair, then download the latest version of the app.

OK, to summarize:

  • @taylor32 tries to use Bluetooth, as the Android Algorand wallet can only use that – alas, USB is not “supported”.
  • @nullun aks the OS, it is probably Android.
  • @ian gives the latest version number of the Algorand app on Nano X, it is really 1.2.9
    What you can do:
  • try again with Android Algorand wallet
  • try to install Ledger Live from ledger.com, add Algorand account, and then send Algos from there, using Bluetooth or USB
  • use Algorand Wallet with USB
  • as a last resort, I can do the transaction for you. You can send the relevant data to me in a secure mail (passhrase and ALGO address to send to, and the amount), but afterwards you must generate a new passphrase on your Ledger Nano

Hi thanks for the reply. I’m using android and my phone does connect to ledger live. I can send other cryptos using the nano x it’s just the app catalogue on ledger live shows the old version of the algorand app. 1.0.7. However I think there is a firmware update that maybe required on the nano x to allow for the Algorand app to be the latest version. I will give this a try.