Vote Coin DAO management for NFT DAOs

Hi, we were contacted by NFT DAO to help out with the voting system… We have created following proposal to Vote Coin standard: Feat/eligible token list by scholtz · Pull Request #3 · scholtz/AMS · GitHub

Eligible token group management allows to write to the blockchain list of NFTs owned by a DAO by enlisting Creator’s address or enlisting specific NFTs. It allows weighted NFTs, so that premium NFTs might have higher voting power than standard NFTs.

When asking a question through the blockchain, the question schema was updated to ask for specific Eligible token group.

Please consider this post as request for public comments. you can discuss here or on vote coin discord VoteCoin

in the case when creator creates 2 fractional NFTs with different quantities and one pure… for example 1/10 and 1/1000 and 1/1…

if user owns 3 nfts from first group and 13 nfts from the second group and the pure one, what should be his voting power?

A) 0,3 + 0,013 + 1 = 1,313
B) 3 + 13 + 1 = 17
C) something else