What’s slowing blockchain adoption? Viable ideas or technical ability?

Does anyone have opinions on what is slowing adoption of blockchain by businesses?

(Leaving out regulatory clarity)

Is it the lack of viable business models to implement blockchain or the lack of developers capable of building Web3 platforms?

I have enough viable business models, and capability of building them. I am missing the VC money as many of these ideas depends on investments

Regulatory clarity is issue only in the US. In EU we have already approved MiCA regulation which clearly states what token issuers can do and what they must do. And to write the whitepaper with the list of risks and register company is really not that big deal.

IS Algorand the route 66 in famous pixar movie Cars? with out the ability to get people in let a lone keep their attention its very difficult. Marketing is key people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it. Y is a crooked letter. The crypto industry seems to be filled with many crooked bad actors. My opinion based on a few years of experience.

We can look at Pepe Pumping right now , and have to ask ourself WHY? well I can give an opinion why, is that the pepe team / creators instilled trust , and deep rooted marketing. Their Memes are all over discord every server has this little frog doing something that catches your eye.

Keeping peoples attention is difficult. You need to Draw them in and keep their attention. How does one do that ?

ART tells a story where words cant exist. Art is the univeral language that all comprehend.
instead of projecting something negative LQQK at it from a different perspective and find the good. Because at the end of the day if some numbers in a bank account make you happy then numbers you will be chasing for the wrest of your life.

supply and demand yet if your supply is infinity how can you value anything? Current financial system my opinion based on information from 1960, the US has either raised , extended, or revised the debt limit 78 separate times. I guess thats why they call it a floating debt ceiling.


the answer is simple: no marketing !
Even if you have the best product, it doesn’t sell itself.


The general disconnect between mainstream and commercial developers and the blockchain sphere.

The crypto world is more like a movement or subculture, isolating itself somewhat with in-group terminology, almost religious ideology around decentralisation, custom protocols even for basic things like wire encoding, obscure tooling and languages, and so on.

Regulatory clarity around securities is only part of it. Blockchain causes complications around private data, GDPR, pseudonymisation, and so on. Yes, the network is just a distributed database but the type of solution using it tends towards offering transparency.

Whether it be a startup or a large corporation, often ideas are realised using tools and technologies the development team or management are familiar with already. Teams don’t use Sql Server if they are skilled in Oracle. Using Algorand as a backend component would be more likely to happen if Algorand was able to target mainstream developers.

Algorand can be a compelling choice, when openness, transparency, security are needed, such as gaming. But then there are obscure hurdles, like how to onboard players and deal with minimum-balance-requirements, that can only be solved with deep expertise in the area.

I think on the whole then the answer is “technical ability,” noting though that developer tooling and advocacy has not penetrated mainstream/commercial development awareness.