Language learning dapp

One thing i havent came across on blockchain is a language learning dapp. Most language apps like Duolingo, memrise have been gamified, so people are usually more engaged on these apps nowadays. The language learning sector is a billion dollar industry.
Duolingo is a publicly traded company with a marketcap close to 4 billion. I think a language learning dapp would be a great use case. There is huge demand for language learning. Hmm, maybe Algorand could acquire one of these apps like they did napster.
People could pay for subscriptions in usd or algo. Learning badges could become nfts. Hey devs what else are you guys working on besides games, nfts and defi? There are so many untouched things out there that are being overlooked because everyone keeps wanting to make the same thing.


I enjoy Duolingo and NFT awards would be an exciting addition. I also have a NordicTrack Treadmill with IFit subscription. They used to mail medals for completing challenges but this year switched to digital awards. It isn’t as exciting to complete them now but if those digital awards were NFTs then I would be more motivated to complete them.

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I feel the same way, so many opportunities, yet they stay in their boxes.

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Also memrise and hello talk