All dapps shouldnt be investment or financial

I think a way to bring in more adoption to blockchains in general and still get transactions is to not only focus on defi but more like apps on your iphone or android. Everything shouldnt be tied to investing, yield, or lending. Imagine if every app on apple or android was an investment/finance app. That would be crazy. Thats pretty much all blockchains are being used for nowadays.
Need dapps like games that have in-game purchases like a subway surfer or dapps that have subscriptions where you pay for the service monthly. That would still bring in transactions. Governance seem to be too focused on defi and NFTS. Thats all i see in governance every period. The key is for everyday people to utilize the blockchain without knowing it. Only crypto enthusiasts are into everything that goes on inside a blockchain. The average person couldn’t care less. Adoption will come with not trying to convert people into crypto enthusiasts but to have them using the blockchain without thinking about the tech, tokenomics etc.
You have people that invest in Apple so they keep track of quarterly earnings or forward guidance and then you have people (consumers) who use the products. Right now blockchains are just tied to the investors not the everyday people (consumers).

I hope algokits really bring in some open minded devs. Cause all i see (with the exception of Ethereum) is everyone building the same or similar products.