Why only $ ALGO has an ROI = -65%?

Hi All,

I just joined $ ALGO.

I have two questions below.

I have studied many cryptos since last year. Among hundreds of cryptos, I found only Algorand which has an ROI = -65%.

From an economic / investor standpoint, I wonder why did that happen? while all cryptos have experienced significant growth since the first year - ROI above 1000%, while ALGO is the opposite?

From the perspective of the researcher, it is interesting, why the very impressive ALGO has an “undervalued” price in my opinion. I can’t understand this situation yet, is there something wrong in the circulation supply, or is the cap too big (10B)?

However, I am sure that $ALGO will become a beast in the next 1-2 years, given its “undervalued” price and negative ROI. :innocent: :sunglasses:

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As of this moment, Algorand is up 624% in the past 12 months. I think most of us are pretty happy with things right now.

That’s fine, but it doesn’t get past the “U” curve yet. ALGO was first released = 3, and now it’s $ 1, it’s not half its original value yet. This is what I mean - undervalued and negative of ROI.

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There was a Dutch auction at the start of Mainnet.
The eager supporters pumped up the initial ALGO price.
You can read about the early history of Algo here, for example:
How Algorand raised $200 million after its token tanked

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