Wormhole - GP11 DeFi Rewards Community Feedback

Hello everyone,
On behalf of Wormhole’s Team, please find below the Wormhole’s Targeted DeFi Rewards Plan for periods G11

i think it could make sense to change all those pools to USDC based pairs to potentially get more users on chain. i think having ALGO pairs favors people on here already but i think marketing ETH-USDC liquidity incentives to people not already on chain could be way easier. this also makes sense since lending pools cant earn gov rewards anyways



In general looks good, but would be nice to see those wAVAX, wSOL, wLINK & wMPL pools also in Tinyman.



I agree, those pools are also more likely to get IL so the higher the rewards the better too.

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Instead of having identical wbtc and weth pools on tinyman and pact. Id say make one of the dexes wbtc-usdc weth-usdc and see whT that does to volume, liquidity, etc.

Could be a very effective test.

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Thank you for your feedback, this is the updated allocation:


Have to say that this looks like a solid plan. Good to have you on Algorand ecosystem. Great work guys! :+1:

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Awesome adjustments I think this will drive things in the right direction.