xGov-121: Proposal to Expand on Algorand Marketing and Relevant Content #121

Hey algofam, here’s The Next Block Proposal. Please let us know what you think about our media focused approach for community, social, and education. Full proposal on github: xGov-121: Proposal to Expand on Algorand Marketing and Relevant Content by thenextblock3 · Pull Request #121 · algorandfoundation/xGov · GitHub

## Abstract
The Next Block, a media company, focuses on video content creation within the Algorand ecosystem.
With two years of experience in live interviews, we are expanding our reach with a new website for blogs and media content.
Our proposal extends to fostering growth in NFT and DeFi communities, using proposed funds for impactful content creation.
This strategic approach aligns with our dedication to advancing the Algorand ecosystem while contributing to the broader blockchain landscape.

## Team
Co-host & content creator
Community member since 2021

Sea Will (@seawillpdx)
Co-host & content creator
Community member since 2021

## Experience with Algorand
The Next Block boasts over 100 live shows in the past two years, interviewing guests ranging from CEOs of prominent Dapps and NFTs to executive leaders of Algorand and community supporters within.
With this experience in the Algorand ecosystem, our show provides diverse insights, engaging discussions, and firsthand perspectives from key figures.
We also have deep knowledge of how Algorand works and can effectively communicate this in an educational format for our audience to understand.

The Next Block: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE4o509uGtygf_gAEbVgH0A

## Present Proposal
Proposal Plan for The Next Block

Objective 1: Develop a Community-Focused Show
Create a dynamic show featuring guests from NFTs, DeFi, governance, and community related fields within the Algorand ecosystem.
Conduct engaging interviews and forums to foster a sense of community and showcase diverse perspectives.

Objective 2: Website and Blog Development
Launch a new website to serve as a hub for written blogs and diverse media formats, expanding our content offerings.
Allocate resources for continuous website and blog development, ensuring a valuable resource for the Algorand community.

Objective 3: Amplify The Next Block Podcast
Strategically promote The Next Block podcast to increase visibility and audience reach.
Showcase top builders and teams within the Algorand ecosystem through podcast episodes.
Use proposed funds to implement targeted marketing strategies and collaborations to amplify the podcast’s impact.

Overall Approach:
Our proposal focuses on community engagement, content expansion, and podcast amplification.
By developing a community-focused show, enhancing our website and blog offerings, and strategically amplifying The Next Block podcast, we aim to contribute significantly to the growth and advancement of the Algorand ecosystem.

## Future Blueprint
The success of this proposal and efficient fund utilization could pave the way for future proposals.
This scalability approach aims to increase our output and efforts, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and growth within the Algorand ecosystem and the broader blockchain landscape.

## Benefits for the community
This proposal offers existing and new benefits for the Algorand community.
Through a community-focused show, we’ll feature experts from NFTs, DeFi, and governance, curating diverse community perspectives.
The new website will provide written blogs and other media formats, enhancing the Algorand community experience.
Strategic promotion of The Next Block podcast will significantly increase visibility to non Algorand users.
Our specific approach aims to tangibly contribute to the Algorand ecosystem’s growth and advancement.

## Additional information
The Next Block, Algorand’s enduring podcast, boasts over 200k views and a remarkable 300% subscriber growth on YouTube in the last 3 months. Positioned for audience expansion, we’ve maintained a sustainable live show focused on Algorand for the past two years, consistently delivering quality content every week.


@Richflairstv We’re still new to this forum and github. Please let us know if our submission is submitted correctly.

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Looks good. Make sure all the info you put in GitHub is able to be seen here that’s it.

Great Job. :+1:

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Next block is the most viewed content creators on algorand. All the best for the proposal.

One suggestion is to change the title slightly to include next block
Something like
xGov-121: Next Block proposal to Expand on Algorand Marketing and Relevant Content.

This will make sure that xGovs identify your proposal just by looking at the title


Great suggestion. I just updated the title in github. I didn’t see an edit but here on forum to change the title.

Github is good enough. That will be presented to xGovs

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