xGov-14 Fund Unnamed Wallet

Author Liquid Glass (@0xLiquidGlass)

Category Tools

Focus Area Wallet

Open-Source Yes

ALGO Requested 6101

Unnamed Wallet is a wallet implements UTXO to give users pseudonymity
It is build on Algorand and it is an open sourced project and it is fully ran by volunteers who are willing to put in their valuable time to develop it
If you wish to help Unnamed but are unable to do so due to a busy schedule or you are not a programmer, you can help Unnamed by donating some Algos to the project to show your support to the project.

Link for details

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I love that the team are volunteers, this seems like a great hobby project, but I’m unsure about the usecase. It seems like the “added privacy” function is just one click away on algoexplorer of being able to trace the transaction sequence. Maybe I’m misunderstanding how this functions?


agree with @averagezen here, i dont understand how the wallet just creates a chain of txs that still is easily traceable which would make it kinda useless as a privacy tool

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@averagezen , @lobo

Hi. Sorry for the late reply

Thanks for showing interest in Unnamed Wallet as well as your questions and feedback

In Unnamed Wallet 1.0.0, the privacy being mentioned here is the term “pseudonymity”. Think of your username that you use for this forum. As long as you are not using the same username for this forum for every other website, it will be harder to tell who is really controlling the account

Unnamed Wallet applies the same logic in 1.0.0 in terms of using a different “username” (which is address in this case) in an attempt to unlink your identity to every transaction made on Algorand. By doing so, linking your identity to an address is more challenging than using the same address repeatedly. This is called address reuse

A while ago, A reddit moderator moderating r/Algorand mentioned cryptocurrency mixers as its reply. By implementing cryptocurrency mixers in Algorand alongside Unnamed Wallet can help to further improve transaction privacy by further unlinking transacted Algos that has already got identifying information on it that is visible on the explorer to a whole new address

Unnamed Wallet can potentially give all Algorand users even greater transaction privacy when used with cryptocurrency mixers as Unnamed Wallet can utilize the concept of UTXO to repeatedly generate a new address that cannot be linked to any other address during the mixing process

In summary:

As of Unnamed Wallet 1.0.0, we only implemented pseudonymity

In the future, if there are cryptocurreny mixers, Unnamed Wallet will combine pseudonymity (address cannot link to identity) + transaction privacy (making transacion history more complicated to trace)

Here are more in-depth explainations to some topics (links):

  1. Address reuse: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Address_reuse

  2. Samourai Wallet’s “Whirlpool”: https://samouraiwallet.com/lp/whirlpool

I hope this explaination clears your doubts on how Unnamed Wallet, as of 1.0.0, works