xGov-154: Cosmic Champs partnering with legendary indie toy company to bring physical toys in-game on Algorand

pretty sure Algorand has no access to FIFA IP.
On that note, we did a nice promo video when fifa news were fresh, you can check it here (cant find it on twitter/youtube/ig anymore for some reason):

We always try and support whatever we believe will bring people to algo

xGov in its current form is supposed to compensate/incentivize people for what they are proposing to accomplish, not for work already accomplished. Just because CC built something does not mean they should get funding for other stuff without critique. Moreover, CC got sizable VC funding to build their game.

And, it doesn’t matter how popular a Funko Pop is if the people buying them aren’t made to care about the NFT. Unless there is some reason to believe Funko Pop collectors have a burning subconscious desire to play Cosmic Champs, the sale of the collectible isn’t likely to be a net ROI unless people are incentivized to actually care about the NFT/game.

To create usage you need to structure incentives in a way that actually drives people to do desired behavior.

If these particular toys are super popular, why would you need to force them to buy the NFT first? Your modeling cost is the big spend here. Minting the actual NFTs themselves is cheap. You could give the NFTs away, but make them a condition precedent to doing the actual orders.

Example: “Do you want this limited edition Hello Kitty Funko Pop? Download this free digital collectible before February 20th. Only those who have downloaded this free collectible will be eligible to buy one of only 500 of this Hello Kitty Funko Pop. Even if you aren’t one of the lucky ones who are able to buy these before they sell out, the digital collectible is yours to keep and let’s you play as Hello Kitty in the mobile game Cosmic Champs”.

Again, people’s desire for the collectible needs to be the thing that is used to compel them into doing the desired behavior.


appreciate the support - we always try to innovate thats for sure! If done right (which we are confident we can do) we see a lot of potential for both growth of our game as well as algo itself!

great nickname btw

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some very good points! We never intended to force anyone to buy NFT first, our initial plan was to offer both “purchase” channels. E.g. buy NFT and get a toy, or buy a toy and get a NFT. This way we can target both audiences. But your suggestion makes a lot of sense so we’re discussing some potential revisions to the distribution/onaboarding flow.

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