Xgov-96: Cosmic Champs x AlgoBots - Cross-community 3D NFT Collab

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Can you please add the github header info to your post? Including how much is the grant request for? Also, it’s ok to invite people to discord, but grant discussion should happen here, so all can see.


id: 96
period: 3
title: Cosmic Champs x AlgoBots - Cross-community 3D NFT Collab
author: Cosmic Champs (@madshapes-dev)
discussions-to: Cosmic Champs
company_name: Cosmic Champs International Limited
category: Community
focus_area: Gaming
open_source: No
amount_requested: 20000


Last year we added MNGO & AL GOANNA characters to Cosmic Champs PVP battle arena and they were both a huge hit. There is many more Algorand projects that are a great fit for our PVP game. Unfortunatelly it’s cost prohibitive for us to do such fun collabs as making a fully animated, AR ready, game ready, 3d NFT takes lots of resources. If funded, we will create and distribute AlgoBots x CosmicChamps NFTs for free to help promote AlgoBots (one of the OG Algorand projects that deserves more spotlight for its contributions to the Algorand ecosystem through all these years) to our players and our game to the their community. Such collabs work because they address different types of audiences and thus help spark interest to explore other parts of ecosystem or Algorand itself. To get better idea here is two of our recent collab NFTs that are playable in our game: MNGO ,PEPE



Experience with Algorand

For the last 2 years, we have been building a p2e game on Algorand called Cosmic Champs. We are innovators in the 3d NFT space with our fully animated 3d NFTs that are used in our game and also have utility outside of the game itself (3d viewer, AR viewer).
We have a strong understanding of the NFT space, the technical specifications, and the supporting infrastructure available. This positions us well to deliver a strong product for other Algorand projects to use and benefit from.

Present Proposal

After our proposal was approved in last period we have seen great success with the two projects that were selected (Al Goanna and MNGO). There were a bigger collab campaigns created around each NFT that engaged both communities for an example we did a guest Dream quest with Mostly frens where participants were able to win the NFTs as reward.
We would like to repeat this cross community collabs and bring some healty engagement between some of the OG Algorand communities. This time we wish to join forces with AlgoBots - an Algorand OG project that has built a loyal and active community and create a signature NFT character (multimint) that will be fully functional in our game.
We will provide these NFTs for free to their community and will do an exciting campaign to ensure fair and fun distribution. To get better idea here is two of our recent collab NFTs that are playable in our game: MNGO ,PEPE

Future Blueprint

In future we would like to create more of these NFTs focusing on cross-chain/non-algo project collabs to bring new users into our game and introduce multitude of algorand OG projects to these new players. E.g. focus on bringin new people to algorand itself and showcase them a select subset of trusted OG Algorand proejcts to get them started.

Benefits for the community

These NFTs have cascading effect. More of them we make and introduce to our game, the more cross community engagement and promotions cahn ahppen organically. They promote other Algorand projects to players of our game and tehy promote our game to wider NFT community. We provide these NFTs (at no cost) for other projects to use within their community in any way they like. Using our innovative AR ready, game ready, fully animated 3d models for NFTs will also help push narrative that NFTs can be so much more than just 2d pictures.

Additional information

Play our game here: https://beta.cosmicchamps.com/
NFT browser + 3d view: https://nft.cosmicchamps.com/
Browse game characters: https://cards.cosmicchamps.com/
Coorporate page: https://cosmicchamps.com/

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Based on your prior two collabs, do you have any metrics/stats to indicate that these NFTs increase usage of the app? If so, can you share that?

How do you determine which communities to build and provide free NFTs to?

Thanksf or the question.

So while it is quite hard to determine an exact point of entry for a new user (we are not at this time spending a lot of time on developing custom metrics gathering), I can say that our active unique user accounts interacting with the game(played at least one game) increased by 95 in December. Which is a significant number.

We did have a branded-bots campaign and mngo dream quest active in that month so i’m unable to give you exact results for each of them - but for an example cosmic champs x MNGO dream quest, where you can participate to earn these collab nfts, has about 300 users participating weekly - i would imagine its a healthy mix of CC commuinity as well as Stitch userbase. The exposure on X alone (for the two announcements - dream quest + free NFTs in game) have over 7300 views combined.

Again i know these are not hard numbers, but i would say its pretty encouraging especially as we are really looking ot engage all involved communities and not just doing it the least effort route.

To determine which project to do collab with, for previous period we left it to the community to decide or atleast suggest prime candidates. But since our backlog of potential collabs is growing at alarming rate - we had to pick the ones that resonate with our game the best e.g. fit in the game environment most naturally. And also have to cap it at two, as this is our capacity to keep quality of the collab at respectable level.

the other criteria is obviously the og status and reach the projects have, and especially if they were willing to help us & promote us in the past when we were new to the Algo scene.

Thank you. I know I can come off as standoffish, but I kick the tires of everything. I’m not picking on you. I have pointed questions for everyone.


You have two similar proposals for cross-community collab. While i see they are for two specific projects it feels like min-maxing the grant money. Why don’t you combine the two proposals in single request?

I had same remark with thurstober tools and their 3 similar proposals.

It’s a valid point you are making. We have in-fact in previous xgov session proposed and passed a single proposal that included two projects collabs within. It passed without issues, however we asked for 30k algo in total for it. We have identified two issues with this approach:
1- we cannot control how fast or when the other party is available to do the collab promotion
2- we asked for too little and were for the sake of making it happen paying for the difference

Splitting it in two proposals, we believe there is a higher possibility of each individual proposal passing, and thus ensuring at least one collab nft happening if one of the two doesn’t pass.

It also allows us to stick to the timeline and deliverables, which is actually a “hard” date in the contract for grant, so we can’t really afford to miss it, any mishap on one of the projects (e.g. for some reason it collab doesn’t happen) will not invalidate funds for the other.

I hope this makes sense, it can be perceived as min-maxing, but as there is a 3rd party(collab project) involved in each of these proposals we feel its safer and more sane to propose it like this.

If it was just to make the nfts and integrate with game(which is entirely in our domain), we would keep it as single proposal regardless of lower chances of passing.

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