XGov-207 DigiLeaf Electric Vehicle Chargers

id: 207
period: 3
title: DigiLeaf Electric Vehicle Chargers
author: Trenton Austin
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company_name: DigiLeaf Inc.
category: Infrastructure
focus_area: Renewable
open_source: No
amount_requested: 300000
status: Final


DigiLeaf is an Energy Token that users may earn with solar panels and spend at our EV charging stations with the goal of building a truly decentralized carbon neutral grid.




Our hardware includes:

  1. Solar panels - (Residential and Commercial)
  2. Inverters (Residential and Commercial)
  3. Type 2 Electric Vehicle Chargers (Residential and Commercial)
  4. Type 3 Super Chargers (Commercial Only)
  5. Power storage (Residential and Commercial)


DigiLeaf is an experienced team of environmental engineers and blockchain developers.

Experience with Algorand

From creation in 2022, DigiLeaf has operated with consistent uptime in:

DigiLeaf DApp - Connecting hardware

License Portal - Buy/Renew Licenses

DigiLeaf Mobile App

(i) Finding chargers

(ii) Monitoring hardware

(iii) Buy Leaf$ with credit card, Sell Leaf$ to bank

Rewards - To owners of DigiLeaf solar hardware

Charger Uptime - Connectivity and availability

Present Proposal

DigiLeaf proposes to operate a (4) stall 250 Amp super charger station in Southern California

Future Blueprint

The first milestone can be created within 3 months.

Milestone 1: 300,000 Algorand

Architectural and Engineering design plans for selected location for the (4) stall 250 Amp super charger station.

Land lease signed (doesn’t cover rent) and plans are approved by the city.

Milestone 2: 800,000 Algorand

Acquisition of hardware.

Beginning of installation of transformer and hardware

Benefits for the community

  1. Consistent daily transaction volume via chargers. Each charger can fully charge about 15,000 vehicles a year.
  2. New Algorand holders who would not normally use crypto currency. * Support of actual use case scenario helping crypto currency as a whole.
  3. Low carbon emissions on the roads.
  4. Increase access to electrical vehicle chargers.* Increase decentralize the grid.

Additional information

The land available for a long term lease depends on when we are awarded funds. We currently have a short list of locations in the San Diego County area and are ready to move on design plans immediately.

Hi @DigiLeaf would you please elaborate on the connection of this with Algorand and the benefits for the Algorand community? Thx.

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Of course,

All of our hardware operates on Algorand from rewards to payment processing. There are many use cases throughout the solar, batteries and chargers. So specifically on the chargers…

  1. Chargers are in public locations bringing in new users that have not before interacted with Algorand
  2. Users use mobile app to purchase Leaf$ with credit/debit or to import their wallet
  3. Users that use tap to pay, will pay in a fiat currency. The owner of the device will be paid in Leaf$. The owner of the device may then withdrawal Leaf$ or covert to a fiat and send to their bank account.

Algorand is a very green blockchain and we are a big supporter of that. Our hardware has a life time reoccurring use and will indefinitely support and help grow the Algorand network through daily transactions, publicity and growth.

Please let us know if there is anything else you would like more specifics on.

Thank you. That is more clear to me now. I appreciate the response. What you are building is certainly interesting.

One more question: you have high value milestones in the roadmap, what happens to the project if those future proposals do not get approved?

We do not need the capital until phase one has been approved. And once phase one is approved, phase two is only a time factor. So we will not need the funds for phase two until installaltion is 100 percent ready. So we will not be requiring any captial before our milestones can be guaranteed, which will be supported with state documentation we can publicly provide.

Interesting. Thanks for the clarification and good luck with your proposal.