xGov-35 Stable Cometa Staking

**Author ** Nikita Gorokhov (@wackloner)

**Category ** dApps

**Focus ** UX

**Open-Source ** Yes

**ALGO Requested ** 50000


Cometa has become one of the main staking platforms in Algorand ecosystem. Currently, we have 56 pools from 33 different projects.

We would like to improve the UX and introduce a few new features, but we don’t have funds to develop it. We think even a small amount could make a big impact for the whole ecosystem.

We don’t want to raise the fees even more, because it would restrain small project from creating the pools.

Link for details


having a working permissionless farming/staking protocol on algorand is pretty important imo, my personal interactions with cometa.farm were always pretty good so i would like cometa could continue to work in improvements and ensure very high uptime.

while people might prefer the staking solutions where tokens dont leave your wallet because of user experience that always comes with risks as these type of solutions are centralized and you rely 100% on the provider of that solution. while the UI of cometa may have problems, the SCs of cometa are open source and audited and always accessible on-chain which is important.

i would love if you could open source the UI so people could run the fronted themselves to ensure even more uptime!

I would like to see liquidity pools that dont try to lure people into crappy coins with high APY. I would rather see LPs paired with ALGO like GORA, OPUL, FLUX amongst a few others. Not crappy highly inflationary coins with no real use case. Algorand desperately need some good ASAs

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