xGov prop. 164 - Prague community meetup

id: 164
period: 3
title: Prague community meetup
author: Everyday Algonaut, Ludo Scholtz (@scholtz)
discussions-to: xGov 164: Prague community meetup by scholtz · Pull Request #164 · algorandfoundation/xGov · GitHub
company_name: Scholtz & Co
category: Community
focus_area: User Onboarding
open_source: Yes
amount_requested: 15000
status: Final


We want to build community in Central Europe - in Prague. We will host the algorand meetup event during Prague Blockchain Week.


Scholtz - Product owner. Active on Algorand forum, runs a few projects in Algorand ecosystem such as the VoteCoin, A-Wallet, Aramid Bridge, Stabilitas, ASA.Gold, Biatec DEX. Has been winner in few hackathons, such as Algorand encode hack 2021, EUvsVirus, Swiss blockchain hackathon 2021, Bitcoin bankathon, Encode DAO hack, Algo HackJam, Greenhouse hack III, Mega Ace Hackathon, …

Experience with Algorand

Ludo, Everyday Algonaut has hosted Prague algorand meetup last year on Feb 10th 2023 at Paralel polis.

He was also speaker at ETH Denver, Prague BeerFi event, and speaker at Wroclaw Algorand Meetup.

Everyday Algonaut channel

Present Proposal

We will host the algorand meetup event during Prague Blockchain Week.

Benefits for the community

  • New members to the algorand family
  • Better algorand marketing

Additional information


Other links with discussion:

This xGov request is already green, so we started to organize the event.

We booked the Paralel Polis location one day before the start of ETH Prague.

Mark your calendar for May 30, 18:30 to 22:00. We will join forces with regular BeerFi Prague meetup.

Check other events you might be interested during the Prague Blockchain Weeks 2024

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Congrats on the passing. How do you see the use of funds for the event going? Is there a vague breakdown?

Maybe this is a thing going forward for Algo community events. Your specifics could help the rest of us. Thanks

Sure, general idea at the moment is 5k algos for place, 5k for catering and 5k for airdrops.

Will you be taking a cut for your time? Or using any funds for any projects you have? Would be good idea to use this for a standard created?

Also will there be any video evidence? POAP NFTs? Pictures of how many people attended?

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Yes, some airdrops will be in the gold, some in vote token, some in usdc and some in algo.

Feel free to come and shoot some video.

Last year we have issued NFT tick*t, perhaps this year will do something similar.


Pictures is not a problem i think.

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Haha, I would love to come but very far from the US to shoot videos. We have plausable to hand PFPs or maybe you can team up with an Algo artist to create something fun and free for anyone who shows up??

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Congrats !
Might be cool to livestream the event.


for the record the meetup language will be English, so everybody feel free to attend

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Little reminder: The Prague Algorand Meetup is scheduled to be in less then a month on May 30

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Photos from Prague Algorand Meetup

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Do you have a report on the number of attendees?
Did they download a wallet? Did you distribute a PLAUS?

I’ve organised over 100 meetups in Sydney, would love to know more about the meetup culture in Prague and how it went overall.


There was around 40-50 people there.

Yes we started by showing the link to download any algorand wallet. Some of them used the pera, some of them used pera, some of them used arc76 accounts.

We incentivized people by airdrop system i builed just before the event - https://learn.biatec.io/ Fe Source Smart contract source


I believe it went very well, we have great feedback from people who attended.

Feel free to ask for feedback from Ben as well.

We had also pitch competition on what should be build on algorand and these are the results:


Impressive attendance.
How many algokit downloads, how many new wallets? can you share the wallet that did the airdrop for attendance? What is arc76 account?


Was this your meetup event that you put together or an event you spoke at?

Can see people in multiple age groups. It would have been a wonderful experience organizing meet-ups.

No matter the event, people really don’t like sitting in the first row :wink:

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Thanks @scholtz for suggesting I speak to Ben. I did, and he was happy with the event.

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