xGov Update - xGov Guide now on AF's website

You can check your xGov status by visiting https://xgov.algorand.foundation/status and connecting the wallet you used in governance during the GP7 commit phase when you opted into the xGov.

– xGov Voting Session #1

The 1st xGov voting session will be held during August (1st to 31st). I’ll share another update once it’s online. This is the xGov voting tool: https://xgov.algorand.foundation - Bookmark it! :dizzy:

You’ll see the first voting session online at the end of next week. It will include grant proposals with status marked as Final and no template errors by EoD last Friday.

It might be a good rule to close proposals two weeks before the voting starts to allow xGovs to start catching up on what will be up for voting.

Once this voting session is finished, we’ll start discussing process improvements, hosting new ARC 33 and 34 discussions.

I’m excited about seeing this first vote happen! There are some interesting proposals and I’m looking forward to distributing my votes amongst them:)


Not going to support My Algo wallet?