Zero Algo transactions for rewards compounding?

It’s been a while, but I have now just transferred my Algo back to my own wallet and I remember having made daily zero Algo transactions to myself for rewards compounding.

I guess this is not necessary anymore?

Because every time I take a look at my wallet the balance has increased automatically.

What has changed since back then?

Hi, @MasterOne , welcome back on the Forum!
Only the output display of the Algorand wallet has changed.
But you should still send yourself a zero amount transaction, to get the rewards added to the account amount.

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Very well, so be it.

Is there updated information about this matter available?
How often should you do such a zero Algo transaction to yourself?

In the past I have done it every single day, but the blog article on PureStake, which I have based my tactics on back then, is from 2019 and obviously outdated.

So no clue about what interval makes sense?

Once a day?
Once a week?
Once a month?

After all, each transaction comes with a fee of 0.001 ALGO.

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The blog article at Purestake is valid now as well. Here it is stated that the interval depends on the amount. See: How Algorand Rewards Distribution Works | PureStake


I’m not sure if the information in that article is still valid, as it has last been updated in February 2020.

I’m only hodling a little more than 13.000 ALGO in my account and I have been doing daily zero ALGO transactions in the past, so I guess I will stick to that plan, unless someone can tell me otherwise.

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The blog post mentioned by @Maugli is still valid.
However, the actual reward rates have changed.
Furthermore, participation rewards are expected to be phased out some time in 2022, being replaced completely by governance rewards.

So what would you say, is it still beneficial to send daily 0 ALGO transactions when holding just 13.000 ALGO?

And what’s the best way to stay up-to-date on current and future development, especially changes like the mentioned phase-out?

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