A Provocative Question to Algorand Foundation: Why Are You Ignoring Our Project?

Dear Algorand Foundation,

For years, we’ve been striving to make something of our own. Along this journey, even seemingly nonsensical projects received support while projects like ours, deeply committed and passionate, were overlooked. We’re not chasing big fortunes; we just need the support necessary to advance our project.

As the Corvus Project, we’ve passionately chased a dream. Recently, our NFT project achieved a full sellout, and beyond that, we went the extra mile by producing physical toys and sending them worldwide, all at our own expense. This achievement holds profound meaning not only for us but for our community as well.

However, despite taking this significant step, it seems our success went unnoticed by Algorand’s leadership. No one showed interest, and no one seemed to hear our story. This has left us deeply disappointed, and we’re at a loss for words.

We simply want to ask: Why aren’t projects like ours, deeply committed and passionate, receiving support? We believe we deserve more attention and opportunities. With this letter, we’re just asking for a chance. Help us bring our project to life. Please, understand the significance of the Corvus Project.

Corvus Project Team


Wow!! Just wow
I’m sure the new marketing boss Jessica something should be be all over this ???

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Hey Corvus Project team,
Thanks for reaching out. We aim to support as many Algorand-based projects as possible. What kind of support have you requested in the past? How do you envision the Foundation best supporting your project now?

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First of all, thank you for your prompt response. In the past, the support we requested aimed at increasing the visibility of our project within the Algorand ecosystem. Additionally, we may need financial support for the development and growth of our project. Ideally, we are considering the following ways in which the Algorand Foundation could support our project:

  1. Financial Support: We require financial assistance for the expansion and development of our project. This can be utilized for further business development, marketing, and expanding our team.
  2. Visibility and Promotion: Increasing the promotion of our project within the Algorand community can help attract other Algorand-supported projects and investors.
  3. Collaboration Opportunities: We are seeking opportunities to collaborate with other projects within the Algorand ecosystem. This can contribute to the growth of our project through partnerships and integrations.
  4. Consultation and Mentoring: We aim to enhance the management and growth of our project by leveraging the guidance and consultancy services offered by the Algorand Foundation.

Taking these suggestions into consideration, we would be pleased to discuss further how our project can be better supported to make a more significant contribution to the Algorand ecosystem. Thank you.

Best regards,
Corvus Project Team