AlgoDEA v0.1.0 (IntelliJ plugin for Algorand) is now available

The first release of algoDEA (v0.1.0) - Algorand IntelliJ IDEA plugin is now available.

“algoDEA” provides end to end development life-cycle on Algorand blockchain using IntelliJ IDE. Using this plugin, developers can create and test both stateless and stateful smart contracts directly from their IntelliJ IDE. It also provides other features like ASA management, Transactions, Test account management etc.

The plugin currently supports integration with custom Algorand Node and node.

This version of the plugin is now available on IntelliJ’s plugin Marketplace. So you can install directly from your IntelliJ IDE. You need to search “Algorand” in IntelliJ’s plugin center UI.

You can also download from plugin’s github repository and do a manual installation.

Git Repo :

As this is the first release of this plugin, you may find some gaps in usability and plugin functionality. Please feel free to report issues or enhancement suggestions using project’s issue tracker on GitHub.


Plugin docs, videos can be found at

JetBrains Plugin Repository Link :


AlgoDEA v0.2.0 is now available. You can install it directly from IntelliJ’s plugin center or download from GITHub project site.

Some key highlights are -

  • Atomic Transfer
  • PyTeal Support
  • Dry Run support for stateful & stateless contract (Experimental)

GitHub :
Docs :

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Nice thanks for sharing!

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Is there something about this plugin that specifically requires IntelliJ? This doesn’t appear to be installable into Goland, and most Jetbrains plugins are.

Currently this plugin is supported only on IntelliJ IDEA CE and Ultimate edition.

That’s mainly due to a dependency on some apis in IntelliJ’s Java plugin module.

I will check the feasibility to remove that dependency in the next release. So that the plugin can run on other JetBrains IDEs.

A new “Getting Started Video” if you want to know how to use AlgoDEA IntelliJ plugin.

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I am planning for the next iteration of AlgoDEA plugin. If you want any specific feature or enhancement, you may want to add that to the following issue in AlgoDEA GitHub.

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A new version of AlgoDEA plugin (v0.3.1) is now available. This version is compatible with other IntelliJ platform IDEs.

Successfully tested on IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, GoLand, WebStorm, PhpStorm.