Algoexplorer issue or what?


take a look to this 2 image :

This from Brave browser .

this from Chrome

Why Auth Address is different ?

Any explanation ?



Hi guys,

no one have a explanation ?



it is better if you share links…

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I see BHRNXKI7HBHCXI7WS6K5QBG3637YLAEBNOZQK4Q2TQW5IG4X56ELJZOU4Y in both dappflow and algoexplorer…

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In fact, that’s correct. But if I use chrome with algoexplorer and insert the txn , the Auth Address is different … But this account has never been rekeyed.

P.s. this issue only on Chrome for Mac. Caching problem ?

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just use other explorers… i try not to use algoexplorer for last two months because it is very very slow on my computer, it somehow messes my indexerdb of my browser, and they have single source of truth (their algod nodes)

i prefer to use the dappflow, even if it is not developed perfectly, but it is open source under MIT licence, person can easily switch the provider or use his own algod or indexer endpoints

my issues with algoexplorer and how efficient other node providers work can be seen for example on the video Algorand multisig feature - YouTube

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