Algorand-dedicated R&D team similar to other major chains'?


Is there a dedicated Research & Development (R&D) team for Algorand blockchain similar to how Chainlink (LINK) having Chainlink Labs and Avalanche (AVAX) has Ava Labs?

Got curious reading this article below about how Avalanche’s creating an initiative to create an AVAX-centric multi-chain ecosystem and believe this is managed by the Ava Labs, similar to how Chainlink Labs lead all technical/R&D related developments within the platform. One key aspect we can learn from such entities is that they sustain the developers they interact with - now, Chainlink Lab permanently hosts some major powerhouses already well-known within programming and cryptography industry. I currently don’t see anything similar to have the developments brewing consistently with a structured-agenda like these research labs have, other than the infrequent hackathons/generic-objective grants.

Can we build the same for Algorand to become the go-to house for hq R&D, if we already do not have one???

Avalanche Foundation unveils $290 million incentive program to spur on growth of subnets (

Ava Labs: Build the Internet of Finance

Chainlink Labs

Hi Algofordinner,

Most R&D is done in house with the foundation or at the Inc. I think you’ll find if you check out the history of the folks that work at either you’ll be very impressed.

I know they have some projects they’ve been working on, for example this paper Can a blockchain keep a secret from @fabrice and others at the foundation.

To your question about breaking it out and publishing a structured agenda, I’m not sure what the plan is but I’d certainly like to see some details about what is being worked on for personal curiosity.