Algorand Layer 2 status

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Just what exactly is the Algorand’s “unique” two-tiered architecture? Algorand’s Smart Contract Architecture | Algorand

Why do we not hear anything about this native Layer 2 of Algorand?? A few years into investing, I haven’t heard a single word about this unique architecture in detail or in implementation. Is this where State Proofs can be maximized or unrelated?

How about this Privacy(!) layer Silvio Micali himself is involved and working on? What is the status? Algorand has big plans on privacy, speed and ‘co-chains’, founder Silvio Micali says - Stockhead

I’m guessing this is because these efforts are spearheaded by Inc, not the Foundation, but still, almost 5 years since launch, but this foundational layer is unspoken of. Any ideas?

At Aramid we have launched the algorand side chain… Some people might call it algorand layer 2 chain, some people cochain, and some people may call it parallel chain run on algorand software…

We have only modified consensus to increase the note field length to 100kb.

Public AlgoD
Public Indexer

You can put the servers to dappflow, or use the AWallet to make transactions on it.

There are some talks about VOI network, but I have not seen any technical details yet.

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First time hearing about Aramid, all the best to your project. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a “layer 2” that the Inc article suggests. I’ve simply not heard anything in regards to this unique structure. Does it not yet exist?

As far as Voi, I would consider that “parallel chain run on algorand software”. Reach/Chris Swenor pulling this move out of emotional spite, still without any details, during probably the lowest sentiment of the community since Algorand’s inception is just as shallow, weak as Headline copying xGov name. I sincerely wish for its utter failure just as he took advantage of Algorand at its one of the most vulnerable states.

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