AlgoSigner Integration API

A project is being built in Algorand, where users will be able to receive ALGO or ASA through the project’s website which aims to be decentralized.

We would like to integrate the AlgoSigner API, so that anyone who is on the site and has the AlgoSigner extension, can pay ALGO by signing the transaction for the extension.

Has anyone ever built something like this to help us with some initial instructions?


Have looked at the official example AlgoSigner dApp | Payment that shows how to make payment transactions?

If you’re using react, there is this more specific example: GitHub - fabrice102/algosigner-dapp-react-example: A simple React app using basic AlgoSigner features. For more advanced uses, see (but it does not include payment transactions).

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I responded on Discord as well, but feel free to ask questions here or there if you run into any issues.

Other useful resources:

Hello Tim!

So are you purestaker, right?

Thanks for the support!

Ok Fabrice.

I took a look some docs available on Github, but we’re trying to find where we can begin. :grinning:

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Ok. I checked there. I’ll talk to you through Discord then