An error is reported when the node runs on the docker

This is my Dockerfile

FROM algorand/stable:latest

USER root

ENV ALGORAND_DATA /root/node/data
ENV PATH /root/node:$PATH

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install wget -y && apt-get install curl -y 
RUN cp ~/node/data/config.json.example ~/node/data/config.json \
&& sed -i '/\"Archival\"/c\\"Archival\": true,'  ~/node/data/config.json \
&& sed -i '/\"EndpointAddress\"/c\\"EndpointAddress\": \"\",' ~/node/data/config.json \
&& sed -i '/\"IsIndexerActive\"/c\\"IsIndexerActive\": true,' ~/node/data/config.json

WORKDIR /root/node

ADD /Entrypoint
RUN chmod +x /Entrypoint

ENTRYPOINT ["/Entrypoint"]

This is my Entrypoint


goal node start  
goal node status -w 1000 

Operation error

Algorand node failed to start: node exited with an error code, check node.log for more details : exit status 1
Cannot contact Algorand node: open /root/node/data/algod.token: no such file or directory

How can I modify it? thank you

I’ve created the same Dockerfile and entrypoint as you then did:

docker build -t test-forum .
docker run test-forum

It works:

$ docker run test-forum
Algorand node successfully started!
Last committed block: 5372
Time since last block: 0.0s
Sync Time: 40.2s
Last consensus protocol:
Next consensus protocol:
Round for next consensus protocol: 5373
Next consensus protocol supported: true
Last Catchpoint:
Genesis ID: mainnet-v1.0
Genesis hash: wGHE2Pwdvd7S12BL5FaOP20EGYesN73ktiC1qzkkit8=

Can you check you have the latest version of Docker and that your OS is up to date?
I’m on macOS BigSur with Docker v20.10.8

Try to add --no-cache to docker build too.

It has been running normally. Thank you very much for your reply.