Analytics monitor: Voting by commitment size: 10M+ wallets carrying 1B so far

We made a website showing Governance Period 4 votes by commitment stake:

This updates every 10 minutes and feeds off the Foundation CSV feed.

An interesting trend surfaces:

The 10M+ “whale” governor group carries the B vote in Measure 1 entirely by themselves.

In fact, more whale stake has voted B on measure 1 (547M) than all of the A votes combined (506M)

Excluding this group, Measure 1A would be ahead at 62% (0-9.9M)

We are at about 49% voting progress by stake, but the whale groups 1-10M and 10M+ are behind in participation (36% and 27%)

48.72% total voting progress

10M+ whale group progress: 27.21%

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Thanks!!! Please also notice one thing: votes of Defi governors are already visible on the platforms, but the right messages voting with the right % are often postponed. This also has an effect on the temporary results during voting.