Governance Voting - Period 4, voting session 1

Hi. I voted during the recent session, but for some reason (2 days later) it doesn’t yet show that I have voted after following the steps closely. I doubled checked on “My Governance” page and it shows 0/1 Voting Sessions Voted.

Any clarity or help would be appreciated.

Welcome to Algorand!

If it does not show on the website, most likely the vote was not registered correctly.
Can you try again? There is no risk voting twice (apart from losing 0.001 Algo of fee).
Vote should be registered within 10s. If it does not appear then, there may be an issue with the way you’re signing/sending the transaction.

If this happens, please provide the following information:

  • browser name and version
  • OS name and version
  • wallet name and version
  • screenshots of all the steps, hiding all the sensitive information

Thank you for this. I tried it again but put the note also in the memo, and that seemed to work for me. I’ve staked my Algo from my Exodus wallet, so wonder if that was the issue. It shows I now officially voted. Appreciate you help.

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