xGov voting current status

I created excel where i try to record the xGov voting status from time to time…


Update: few tunings for visualisation for passed requests, the total votes has been exactly calculated from the list of allowed accounts, values has been better described

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Schema update: Δ overspent, Δ overspent / Δ all

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Schema update: number of accounts voted data point

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28 hours left for xGov voting…

So far, 32% of votes has been casted, 52,84% accounts has voted, 21,58% of accounts which voted overspent

Please do your xGov research mainly for proposals:

#23 - Open source concentrated liqudity AMM - xGov Viewer
#24 - Vote Coin Github Tools for DAO management of git repository - xGov Viewer
#38 - Open source DEX aggregator by Vestige - xGov Viewer
#48 - Alright peer to perr agreements app - xGov Viewer

Current whales voting status

Hey Scholtz- thanks for taking the time to do this.

You got an allocation of my xGov vote mostly because I see you putting so much time into the forum. I don’t have enought voting power to sway the 100% needed but hope you clear the hurdle.

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4 hours to go

3 hours to go

2 hours to go

last hour to go… 97% of votes has been burned in last hour

last 15 minutes to go

I think these grant requests should be funded:

What do you think?

These are the files for my votes analysis if anybody finds it useful:

Aggregated stats: https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/QmQzaZP9YtgdH1XoeHGDhbXpTKGAHBgBGLYt4VzFsbCmqq
Governors: https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/QmdUrK3tjbQoKHunLuNAweAVdPdc9uUfQm36W7rSbecdDn

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These proposals didn’t get the votes needed why should tehy pass? Doesn’t matter if 50% of voters decided to throw away their votes or not, they didn’t vote for these proposals so why should tehir votes be allocated to the proposals simply because they were submitted?

Not saying projects did anythign wrong, but xgov is a pilot program and that first period was a dud for sure… regardless the rules were clear and the votes were tallied. The proposals can be re-submitted for this period and let’s see if they pass or not.

if the foundation has rule to maximize efficiency of a distribution of allocated xgov funds, the rule should not be “get the votes needed to fill in 100% requested”, but “at the end of the voting session sort all proposals by funds requested/votes received and fund the best proposals” … So we take the top item from the list and fund it. Then we take the next item in the list and check if we have enough funds in the budget to allocate, and fund it. Then we go this way till the last item in the list. In very rare scenario were two projects has the same funds requested/votes received ratio, these projects should be funded.

Note that AF has decided not to change the rules after end of the first voting session, so only 60k algos will be distributed, but they are looking for solution how to change allocation for next periods, and this algorithm is my suggestion.

Also this has several more implications:

  • there is no need to solve the overspend problem, however if the button to vote for passed proposals will be disabled, people might give some more thought into the vote
  • if the voting session would not be open, this would also work for the maximum distribution
  • the voting for fallback item means that person is ok with distribution as other will propose. Any votes of the fallback vote or overspend vote or non participation equaly increases chance for all proposals to be passed
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Hi. My xGov status was revoked.Could I re-participate in the xGov program or only after a year?