Arc34 - form, git pull request or decentralized db onchain?

Hi @Adri, I do not understand latest development on arc34 field…

the submission of grant requests will not be done using algorand blockchain? Is there some reason for it?

I have coded it so that you can see it is possible to do: GitHub - scholtz/beaker-arc34-boxes


I know there’s been an emphasis on getting a working model out, and there’s been quite a bit of discussion about changes that could be made in the near future once we have a baseline in place. I’m hoping this is the case as I would also like to see the proposal process onchain, or at the very least, be using 3rd parties as little as possible.

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We’re hosting a Twitter space this week to discuss the latest updates.

My understanding is that writing all proposals to the chain before they are vetted is not the best use of resources. Why would those proposals need on-chain verification?

Proposals that are approved should be stored on-chain in order to have the record of the approval and whatever is that we need to track after that.

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Because we want to have maximum transparency…

As a requester I want to know if my proposal is considered for voting, and not rejected by some administration guy who just did not read it properly.

Also as a requester i want to see my competitors after all envelopes are opened as in any standard government contract.


I was thinking the upvoting/down voting of proposals and the generation of them before they get to xGov vote -----> Gen Vote for full transparency and so people can see if similar proposals are on the “docket” and view up/down voting on them in real time much like Gen Gov Measures. This also would serve as historical record! I’m sure there are other reasons that might be better, and if these aren’t good ones I’ll concede the point I suppose.

Those are valid points. Let’s discuss them tonight.