Building a more equitable streaming platform for artists

Who are we
We are a group of passionate technologists, producers, designers.
We designed a mobile 3-in-1 artist-centric trading platform (NFT Marketplace, Streaming, Social Media). Our mission is to revolutionize the streaming industry, starting with the music business, by supporting less popular artists. We would like to maintain a Gini Coefficient of 0.5 and make it very transparent to the A-list artists that they would support the movement rather than leaving everyone one starving. We have producers and artists onboard. Last but not least, more accomplished artists will have the opportunity to support charitable organizations.

Why Algo
We have been debating which blockchain should support our project. Algo is not (yet) as popular as Flow or Wax in the NFT space, but it is a “green blockchain” with its pure proof of stake and genius consensus mechanism. From a philosophy point of view, it hits our guiding principles: security and speed of transactions (to support trading activities), eco-friendly impact (in line with our mission and motto: “Be Bold, Don’t Be Greedy”

Who are we looking for
As a main founder, I convinced my team to go the Algorand route, but it’s hard to find developers, this is why I am on this forum. Looking forward to making connection and building relationships.

Hi there,

would you mind send me an email with your project introduction and your requirements to the devs you are looking for?
I’ll try my best to help accommodate your needs.