Chinese docs contribution

Hi, I am just curious as to how the docs work.

  1. Are you using mkdocs to host the docs?

  2. How does one contribute to the chinese translation? I didn’t see any directories or branches

Thank you in advance

hi, i think you should be more product specific what you want to translate…

developer web, or algorand-go, indexer, wallets, sdks, community projects?

for example i would appriciate translation to chinese of the A-Wallet… you can read howto in here I want to help to translate · scholtz/wallet Wiki · GitHub

Hi @terri ,

For the docs section of the dev site, yes, we use material for mkdocs. Here is the github repo and the way to contribute.

That said, we don’t yet have other languages for the docs. If the community is interested in helping to put this in place that would be awesome. Biggest areas of focus IMO are to ensure that any new changes that are pushed to the English docs trigger expedient updates to the other languages.

Tagging @cusma who I know is interested in this as well and has some ideas about how to set it up.

Thanks so much for your answer @liz. I was mentioning Chinese because I saw that it was the only language available other than English, so I thought there would be a repo for Chinese or something.

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 5.32.11 AM

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Hi @scholtz ! I am interested in the language contribution process, but unfortunately I don’t speak Chinese… :frowning: It was just the only other language in which the Developer Docs was available. But thank you so much for your answer

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Yeah, I understand, that’s a bit confusing. The translation covers “everything else” outside of docs (like tutorials, solutions), which live in a CMS. Although the content is currently sparse compared to English, we do accept submissions in Simplified Chinese for any devs who are interested.