Disable voting for passed proposals in xGov

In the last two sessions we have seen a trend of xGovs voting for proposals that already got enough votes to be considered “Passed”. This may be because the voter likes the idea proposed and would like to show support. But the votes are being wasted.

I propose the following:

  1. Disable voting for already passed proposal.
  2. Create a null proposal with an abstract description (If you don’t like any proposal vote for this proposal).

This is my suggestion. I request community members to share their thought process.


I second the proposal to prevent votes from being allocated to proposal which have already passed. If voters need a place to allocate “extra” votes and they don’t want to support any other proposals which have not yet passed, they can allocate those votes to the mock proposal.


Agreed—its wasteful.


+1 on disabling/hiding the passed proposals (disabling might be a problem due to SC, so simply hiding from UI is plenty)

We really need to rename the mock proposal i agree - needs to be more obvious!

Also can you please make it so it’s not proposed by “name/surname” etc… rn it still looks too much like an actual proposal.

instead of this

we could have e.g.




This would be awesome. Thank you for sharing…

+1 here, lets make voting better

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I would also like the first proposal. Overvoting for a proposal doesnt do anything so we should disable passed proposals.

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If someone doesn’t want to vote for any of the proposals that haven’t passed and they want to instead show support for an already passed proposal why is that a problem? Why would a mock proposal be any better?

tbh(in my opinion), no real issue if it’s intentional. E.g. we could by default hide the passed proposals in the UI, but user could “view already passed” proposals and allocate his votes to them - e.g. same sa mock. I agree, i wouldn’t want to hard prevent people from doing it.

the main reason majority of “known” OG xgovs are all asking for thsi improvement is because we observed some “indisciminate” allocations of votes, e.g. 1% to each proposal in both sessions - which makes little sense asn xgovs should be critical in selecting proposal to support. Thats the whole point of xgov to fund “good” proposals, not “all” proposals.

the other reason is simply the user experience - e.g. if i need to cast my votes (meaningfully), i want to know which proposals are actually still in the running, so it shortens my list of proposals to do DD on etc.


That makes sense to separate the passed more definitely. As an xGov that tends to wait to the last minute to vote, if I don’t see one I agree with I just allocate all my votes to the latest proposal from Thurstober, which at that point will of course have already passed🙂

This has been implemented for voting session 3. It’s a front end solution only, which means if I am interacting with the smart contract directly I can still allocate my votes to any proposal, however on the platform interface - which 99.99% of xgovs use to cast their votes - once a proposal has passed it will no longer be possible to allocate votes to it.

I’ll mock around with the Mock Proposal description when we are reviewing the upload file.


Thank you for considering this.

I agree with wasted votes!!! But what i dont understand what would someone lose if they simply put there vote to something that at the very least doesnt hurt algorand . Like is voting taking away there money can someone explain this to me. Do they receive less reward? Like why wouldn’t someone vote for something rsther than nothing. I get why someone would NOT vote for making algorand being unlimited market cap example change from 10bill max to 100 billion. This will effect the entire eco. But for something like adding algorand to as many wallets as possible why would one rather not vote than vote for something like that?