xGov Voting Interface Suggestion

I noticed that the xGov voting interface lists proposals in a specific order (based on GitHub pull requests), which I’m sure will bias voting results towards the proposals that are listed first. And unless I’m mistaken how the proposals are numbered, this may lead to people trying to game the system in future voting sessions.

I would therefore suggest that the default order on the interface would be randomized on each page load. And only if the user chooses to sort the proposals by the #, or by any other ordering criteria (e.g. the number of Algos requested), then the page could be reloaded with ordered results.

And while xGovs are supposed to be more informed about the proposals before voting and expected to know what proposals they intend to vote on even if they are listed further down the list, I still think it’s worth to try to eliminate such biases altogether.


Yes, I agree… The random order would help out, but perhaps we should also teach xGovs not to vote on the first proposal they see…

I also do not understand why overspend is allowed… Already 4,65% of all votes are burned

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Hi @tebok, thanks for your suggestion.

Randomized load, sorting, and tag filtering are on the features list for prod development.

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