xGov interface for xGov Terms

Now that we are past the initiation phase for the first round of xGovernors it would be nice to have an interface to track our progress and make the xGov user experience more intuitive.

It would be great for xGovs to visualize their assets and progress:

  1. Active xGov opt in date(s)
  2. Amount of ALGO delegated by an xGov address to the xGov DAO for a given xGov Term
  3. Progress in each xGov Term (i.e. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 of 4 xGov voting rounds complete)
  4. Amount of forfeited ALGOs in the xGov pool to be divided among eligible xGovs to understand how our APR will change over time.

Anyone aware of an interface that displays this or one that is being developed?


data are here: Algorand Governance

this is in my opinon interesting report:

3.39% is xGovs from all Govs, and from them only 1.00% was staking LP tokens

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Also interesting stats are…

33 accounts has decided on the measure 1. What do you think, how many of these accounts are held with the same person? If i would be whale i would not hold whole my bag in single account…

This is nice data for analysis. I am saying that the lay governor should be able to visualize this in their governor profile or on a dashboard. If people want to crunch more bespoke statistics, that is on them.

In the works… The first version is coming online soon. Here’s a UI mock-up:

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