Discobot: How to disable?

All right, I give up. No matter whether I engage with the Discobot PM or don’t, it always send a message & notification at least once within any 24-hour period. Any moderator or site admin with the ability to see this PM thread will be able to verify this: https://forum.algorand.org/t/greetings/10168/14

Yes, I have tried blocking notifications from Discobot, which is inefficitive to disable the site notification and follow-up PMs. I use several Discourse sites and haven’t yet found one with such a pernicious Discobot. Will someone please explain exactly what to do to prevent any further engagement from it, forever? :robot::gun:

p.s. as I was composing the message above, I received an email notification with another Discobot PM, repeating its original intent to stay engaged whether responding or not. So I have to amend my previous comment about only getting notifications through the web site. It is apparently not enough not to reply, since one can see the thing has sent several messages consecutively. :weary: