Doubts about crontab use

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to practice crontab so I add the following line in the editor:

`30 * * * * ./goal node status -d data`

so I thought the result would be displaying the node status every 30 minutes in the command prompt, but seems it’s not working in this way.

Is it because the command is executed in the background and needs a specific line to print it out in the command prompt or is it because I’m using crontab wrong?

Perhaps crontab is not finding goal in your $PATH or --datadir is not relative to the executable. Suggest to try explicit paths similar to:

30 * * * * ~/go/bin/goal node status --datadir ~/node/data

I tryed this, declaring the whole PATH:

1 * * * * /home/user/node/goal node status -d home/user/node/data

I should see the node status upgrade in the command prompt each minute but seems it is not working.

I don’t believe crontab works that way - - the command is not executed i our current client but in the background.