EOF or Out of Memory error when attempting to populate Postgres with indexer

I am trying to setup the indexer for the node I am running. At the step where I populate my postgres database with the indexer on data from my local data directory I get either a "Failed to init db, Unexpected EOF error or an out of memory error.

./algorand-indexer daemon -P “host= port=8080 user= [user] password=[password] dbname=ledgerdb sslmode=disable” --algod=~/node/data

I am not sure what the cause of the errors is when I run this command. Note: I am running this node on a Raspberry Pi 4. Is it perhaps because I don’t have enough storage?

These errors may come from lack of disk space or lack of RAM.

You can check if you have enough disk space by running: df -h.
You can check if you have enough RAM by running free -h, top, or htop.

To run an archival node on MainNet (even without an indexer), you need a disk that is faster than HDD and at least 2-4GB of RAM.